More fun with mobility! More fun with mobility! Beginning the deadlift! A newcomer to deadlifts, she is doing great! Picking it up is easy with the correct cue words. 97733813 Goblets! Nothing like a goblet squat with a kettlebell to teach proper squats to benefit,, NOT HURT, the knees! 97733814 hang clean load Her technique in the hang clean was almost perfect. Here is the load phase of the lift... 97733815 Done for the day! After a grueling round(s) of bodyweight exercises, this chap has done his time...and had fun! 97733816 Side planks into push ups Just part of the bodyweight workout included this great exercise that improves strength and mobility, in several areas! 97733817 Push pressing a-way! Caught in mid-movement of the push press, she yet again shows good form to be able to push something overhead. 97733818 The trail! Sometimes, after a good rain, one can find me out on the trail, with my vff's on (and clothes), to take a run through the trees. What a day! 97733819 Wild run! This lucky fella had the fortune to come with me on a trail run. Hopping over roots is what I call a fun run! 97734895