Good food and good mobility! Good food and good mobility! hard work This is what it takes to get somewhere... 89115587 Le stick! Check out the bend...swinging hard! 89115588 Le stick deux! Helicopter-style stick swing. Good shoulders and 'core!' 89115589 Log carry It's gotta go over there! Carrying objects for long distances is what we have to do sometimes! 89115590 Manmakers! Quite possibly the hardest many things to do in one exercise. 89115591 Overhead Squat With anything, holding it overhead and squating improves stability, strength, and mobility. 89115592 The press Of any kind should be a foundation of strength training. 89115593 Paleo 1 Food, cooked the old fashioned way. 89115594 Paleo 2 Sort of...whether it's 'paleo' or not, matters not to me, when the food is clean, grown on your own, or by someone you trust! 89115595