Food, and Good Mobility! Food, and Good Mobility! Five Fingers Stroll Down the trail, on the water...a beautiful day for a walk! 105816126 Barbell Lunge Learn how to get yourself up off the ground with a cumbersome weight in hand. 105816127 Windmill variations There are several. Pick one and try it. Good for mobility, flexibility, and strength, if weight is applied! 105816128 Press Extension Working on form and function. Any number of press variations rely on good extension above the head...just in case you need it. 105816129 Kid's Paleo Who says kids won't eat it?? 105816130 Lunge, reach, and twist! Why? Why not? Humans should be able to do this without harm...and he can! 105816131 Olympic deadlift? You betcha! It can be learned at any age! 105816132 Hmmmmm Enough said. 105816133