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what is fitness?

Posted by Chad on September 30, 2011 at 8:25 AM

Think about the definiiton for a moment, please.  What comes to mind?


Now, here is what I think.  Fitness is the ability to do a task.  That is it.  Fitness does not equal health, and health does not equal fitness...altogether.  Does one have to be farely healthy to be able to do 10 pull ups, or run a half marathon, or drag a kettlebell attached to a rope 100 feet?  Sure!  However, just because one can do those things does not mean everything is "healthy" on the inside.  What else helps with that aspect?  Nutrition, sleep, mobility, etc.


Fitness equals what you want to do in a given month, a given year.  What is your goal?  Pick an activity and train for IT.  If you pick a number, say, 50 pounds to lose, what happens after that?  Most of the time if you reach that goal, complacency sets in.  Ask yourself, what is next?  Train for an event.  An activity to accomplish.  THIS is what helps you keep the weight off, BY staying fit.


Me, like I mentioned before I am training for a week long bike ride.

It's almost time!  What I will do is post how things are going, giving you updates on how I do, what I eat, etc.  Hopefully things will go well!

Go outside and have some fun moving...PLEASE!



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