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a crack in the wall? NICE!

Posted by Chad on August 24, 2010 at 9:16 AM

Can it be?  Is it quite possible that the mainstream media is starting to get their $hit straight?  After almost 50 years of being wrong, maybe it's time they report the correct information!


Well, this will be the first.  We have to thank Dr Gupta, the famous, and to his listeners credible, CNN reporter.  Take a look:


"There are already many brave doctors who are practicing evolutionary medicine and writing about it in the blogesphere. I am sure you know who they are and they deserve the highest praise. Because of company policy and economics these TV doctors have to toe the line and present the accepted but wrong dogma of the last 50 years. This dogma has been foisted on us by proponents of a low fat and high carbohydrate lifestyle. Many doctors today believe this dogma has been proven wrong and is the primary cause of diseases of the metabolic syndrome. A few days ago I heard a report on TV by none other than the famous and credible Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He reported on a randomized parallel-group trial that could make progress for the American public to finally understand that the way to defeat obesity is a low carbohydrate health supporting lifestyle. To say that we were shocked but pleased would be to put it mildly. This could be the first crack in the medical wall that has devastated the American public for over the last 50 years.


The trial that I believe Dr. Gupta reported on is registration number NCT00143936. The study reported on the benefit of a low carbohydrate lifestyle verses a low fat one as below summarized. He reported that the study indicated that a low carbohydrate program is associated with favorable changes in cardiovascular disease risks factors. This is the reason why I now believe the tide is finally changing. We at EvMed Forum applaud Dr. Gupta. He says that low carb has a slight edge over low fat. We say that’s a good start. We fervently hope that he and other medical reporters will now educate the public on the health supporting benefits of an evolutionary low carbohydrate high saturated fat (LCHSF) lifestyle brought forward over the last 4 (mya) million years and probably much earlier by our ancestors. If this was not so how did we get here? This evolutionary LCHSF program is the lifestyle we evolved to survive on by reproducing our species and developing a large enough brain to become the most successful top omnivores of the animal kingdom."

 Read the entire post here at Evolutionary Medicine Forum:



Now, macronutrients are important, to say the least.  Eat like a diabetic, so as not to become one.  However, each of us metabolize these macros slightly differently, depending on numerous factors.  So, start off by thinking of your MICROnutrients first.  Or plainly, eat real food.  Begin there, then change your macros into more diabetic levels...meaning low carb, low sugar, low fructose.


The tide is turning.  Dr Gupta is on board!  It's time to tell the masses!



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