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fat--where does it come from?

Posted by Chad on June 15, 2010 at 9:21 AM


"Cortisol levels go up a lot with stress. And modern humans live in hyper-stressful environments. Unfortunately stress in modern urban environments is often experienced while sitting down. In the majority of cases stress is experienced without any vigorous physical activity in response to it.

As Geoffrey Miller pointed out in his superb book, The Mating Mind, the lives of our Paleolithic ancestors would probably look rather boring to a modern human. But that is the context in which our endocrine responses evolved.

Our insatiable appetite for over stimulation may be seen as a disease. A modern disease. A disease of civilization.

Well, it is no wonder that heavy physical activity is NOT a major trigger of death by sudden cardiac arrest. Bottled up modern human stress likely is."

Ned Kock, a well respected researcher and college professor who blogs on the applicaton of his expertise on human health. 


Drop and give me 20 at the office!


As our DNA evolved over thousands of years, when we were "stressed out" it always involved a flight or fight response, as in an effort of survival--building shelter, protecting the tribe or family, or simply playful running, jumping, or climbing.  Now, cortisol is released while sitting in a chair in an office, and as the author above states, without physical response.  So, when we are "stressed out" at work, should we at some point drop down and do 50 push up?  50 burpees?  100 squats?

Maybe we've unlocked the answer right here!!

Make cortisol work in your favor, not against you and your health!





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