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can you beleive what the doc said???

Posted by Chad on April 29, 2010 at 3:34 PM

So, I have a client whose mother fell, broke her hip.  She goes in for surgery, a successful one.  Before the surgery, they ask her what she eats in the course of the day.  She tells them she eats almost no carbs, no sugars.  Why?  Well, she was diagnosed as diabetic 40 years ago (she is 82 now) and she'll "be darned" if they put me on insulin drugs.  So, drug free, she has been keeping her diabetes at bay for 40 years.  Nice job!  That's what the docs should have said...but guess what...they said:


"You shouldn't be doing that!  That's too few carbs, and too much protein which is bad on the kidneys!"


WHAT??????????  Pardon my incredulousness here.  Does she have any markers saying her kidneys are heading down a bad road.  NO!  Does she have any other issues that says she is doing something wrong--CVD, stomach problems, etc...NO!  Even bone density is not an issue, just mobility, balance, and proprioception.



They actually said, it would be better for her to eat more carbs, and take insulin treatments.  What a crock of BS!


Yet another story of why our medical system is messed up.  You wanna start with healthcare reform, how about starting with THESE BOZOS!!!!!!!


All I can say is you go Grandma!  Do it your way!  It's probably better for you anyway.


Ok, off my soapbox...time to GO!  (do something, anything, to let off some steam!)


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