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and the hits just keep on coming...

Posted by Chad on January 7, 2010 at 8:47 AM


You've made that New Year's resolution.  You are ready to make changes to your diet, your activity level, and relieve some stress.  Now what?  Just how do you decide what to do next?  WHICH diet do you follow?  What is the best way for YOU to workout?  HOW do I relieve stress?  I think before you decide those things , you must find the best ways to do things for YOU, not some celebrity or athlete.

Number one--Diet:

Now what?  So no ONE diet is best for everyone?  Is that what I just heard?  Well where do I go from here, you may ask.  I believe, as other bloggers do, that it takes HARD WORK to determine what is best for you.  You must first start with taking a bunch of steps back, before starting something new.  Cleansing your system is step one.  How?  Get rid of all the crap you've put in your system over the last few YEARS.

Then you are ready to see what works best for you.  I believe that you must learn what serves you best in you acid/base pH balance in your system.   Then you can start to cater your meals to how YOUR body metabolizes food.

Add in the fact that YOUR heritage may be different than mine, and based on that, YOUR body may tolerate different foods than mine.

Yes these are all consideration for how to eat.  How much to eat?  Well, that's another story.

Ok,  now that you are all caught up on your knowledge of nutrition and how it affects the body--well, YOUR body--you can begin!  Start eating healthy for YOU now!  What do you think?  Easy enough?  Are you ready to make those changes?  If not, then some psychological factors may be inhibiting you from reachign your weight loss goals.  Now THAT's another post.  Digest (haha) this one first...and begin to understand why losing weight is SO DIFFICULT...if it were easy, everyone could do it!!!!


Next post--activity level.

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