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I see it time and time again

Posted by Chad on November 13, 2012 at 7:10 AM

Everyone thinks you have to exercise to lose weight.  I have seen this to be true, yes.  However, does this always have to be the rule?

The answer is no.  In my years being a trainer, I have seen many ways to skin the cat.  I have seen folks exercise consistantly for a year, and lose nothing.  I have seen folks who didn't exercise at all, and lose  lots of weight.  So, what is the common denominator?  Food and drink...nutrition!

Here we talked about "the formula" before of how calories in = calories out just doesn't work most of the time.  Does sleep matter?  You bet!  Does gaining strength/muscle matter?  Yes it does!  There are other factors, but one doesn't have to cling to exercise as your ONLY way to weight loss.

I say this because I see folks with injuries, folks who are having a hard time at work or with a family issue and they are worried that by not being able to exercise they will gain weight.  This doesn't have to be the case!  Now indirectly, can it matter?  Does exercise help the brain keep it's neurotransmitters online, or help you sleep at night?  Sure.  So exercise helps y ou feel good and recover at night...would not being able to do this lead to weight gain?  Maybe so, but it's not the calorie loss that is the factor here, right?

Would this stress lead to overeating, or not choosing the proper nutrition?  Sure could, but this has nothing to do with exercise per se, right?  In other words, don't get your panties in a bunch if you can't exercise for a few days, or a month.  Your weight doesn't have to change because your inactivity does...your brain might, however!

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