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think tank at work...

Posted by Chad on August 10, 2011 at 3:35 PM

If you have followed me over the years, this link will bring you nothing you haven't heard.  What it does show you is that the movement is real...just like the food we are supposed to eat!


I highly regret missing this event in SCal this past weekend.  Lots of pioneers of the movement were there.  Though, some of the REAL pioneers are no longer with us.  Some folks from the early 1900's, 50's and 70's who told the powers that be that they were wrong--they were the ones we should have listened to before.


Well, now we have another chance!!  Second chances rarely happen on this magnitude.  I hope we all listen now.  Or else we will rely on nothing but fabricated goods, including food, to keep us alive.  I don't want that!


In case someone is not listening...this is NOT the eat nothing but meat diet.  This is eat real food.  Period.  Fat is good for you, as is protein, as are limited carbs (debates will go on forever on this one.)


Eat some real food!!  Oh, and move like nature intended us too!  Have fun while you are at it!

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