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I can't believe they came up with this...

Posted by Chad on February 11, 2011 at 6:57 AM

Surely they are joking...April fool's day has come early right??



Let's start with number one, shall we?

Here we have a government backed pyramid who has had to change their wording on this pyramid because the SUGAR INDUSTRY TOLD THEM TOO!

How are we supposed to believe a pyramid that goes by the money, not the science?  Oh, and the same agency that tells us what to eat, tells cigarrette companies AND food companies it's ok to put the same chemicals in their products.  Hmmm.

Number two.

Who gives carbos to diebetics?  You guessed it...the ADA.  They spew out information that is not quite up to snuff.  I wouldn't let my mom listen to them.  But I think they are trying to help...maybe?

Number three.

They are kidding right?  No influence?  Well, maybe they are right about that, however the influence comes from MISGUIDED research from Campbell himself.

Number four.

Well, the consumer lab is something I have heard of years ago, and heard good things about it.  However, since most information online is FREE, I have yet to pay for the right to gander through their website.  But it is probably ok.


Number Five:

I can't argue with anything these guys are trying to convey.  Planning is crucial, as is shopping and of course eating mostly at home will help with both of those!


So, as we've seen before, don't believe everything you read, especially from the government agencies who listen to who gives them the most money!!

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