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so that's it...

Posted by Chad on October 22, 2010 at 9:00 AM

Did you know that Chinese leaders around the 100's b.c., began to feed their monks soy-based tofu.  Why?  They noticed that their 'randy' behavior went away after a while.  What they didn't know, as we do now, is that soy decreases testosterone in men.  They knew back then!!


So if soy isn't the answer, what is?  I'll tell ya.  Eat real food!!

That's the answer.  Meat isn't bad for you, but PROCESSED meat is!  I understand if politically or environmentally you may not want to eat miss piggy or bessie the cow, but health-wise?  There is no reason to give up meat.  The science just isn't there.  The common sense, just isn't there.


The common sense approach to healthy eating is this...does it sustain a culture over thousands of years?

Guess what, the way WE eat today, has not, and it will not!  Find some fresh lamb, or cow, or fish from a local provider, and have a feast!



Categories: General Nutrition, Food politics

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