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exercise for calorie loss? NO!

Posted by Chad on October 4, 2010 at 9:01 AM

Exercise for:

  • It improves musculoskeletal insulin sensitivity.

              (insulin works better at the muscle)

  • It reduces stress, thereby reducing cortisol release.

              (appetite decreases)

  • It makes the TCA cycle run faster, detoxifies fructose, improving hepatic insulin sensitivity.

               (TCA cycle makes enzymes that store fat!  Exercise burns off fructose before these enzymes are released--a "higher metabolism")

If you think you can burn off a cookie, or a steak, or a big mac by exercising until you do, you are mistaken.  Calories in = calories out might work, but not for the reason you think.


So, what do you think?  Take a look at this video, which gives you the scientific account of how weight is gained, then lost.  It's long, but I promise it will give you a better understanding of why  exercise is important IF you decide to eat anything with fructose...or anything that your body breaks down into sugar!!


Paleo eating is not so bad after all, right?


Learning about the science, from a science guy who puts into lay terms, is awesome!




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