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we are we must move!

Posted by Chad on August 27, 2010 at 9:32 AM

"The moral that I want to drive is that the quest for calorie dense food was a stimulus to lead us to modern, intelligent beings. But biochemically we are still animals. And if the quest for food led us to a specific diet, one would logically think that deviating from that diet would cause illness. This is exactly what we see today. Case and point. Lions and tigers do not eat bananas and mangoes. They eat meat. Zebra and Elk eat grass NOT mice. All animals have their dietary niche and so do we. Grains, sugar, beans, vegetable oils, and excessive fructose intake are not part of our dietary niche. Otherwise, natural selection would have filtered through genes for us to cope with these foods. We developed a symbiotic relationship with our environment in the past."

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Now, this post from the EVMed Forum was meant to be more about our quest for food.  Well, every animal's quest for food.  But I liked their line that "biomechanically we are still animals."


They are correct.  We are still animals, with such DNA that was built on survival and mobility.  Seated where ever you are to read this, was not meant to happen for 8 + hours a day at work, then watching  the tele or the PC for more hours after work.  Time spent sitting!  What were your ancestors doing?  MOVING!




Our niche as humans was and still is survival.  The problem is that our environment changed dramatically by advanced techonology.  We don't have to "survive" anymore.  Food is plentiful, so keeping our mobility to survive has lost it's value.  Unfortunately, our DNA hasn't changed as quickly.  WE MUST MOVE!


My rant is over.  Get up out of your chair and move...



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