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sit down! ok, don't...please!

Posted by Chad on August 3, 2010 at 9:00 AM

What were your ancestors doing at this time of day 150 years ago?  Building a home, maintaining a home, hunting for food, washing clothes by hand, etc., that's what they were doing!  How long have you been sitting down today?




The question about what happens when one sits down has been answered.  Like a computer, things shut down, go into 'hibernate' mode.  AND THIS IS BAD!


Even going to the gym just doesn't cut it.  Sitting down for hours negates the effects of going to the gym!




Here is another link to the possibility of  malfunction due to lack of function-ing.




Now, in this day when we don't have to build our own home or fight off bears (well we still have to do that sometimes), getting outside for a little "play" SHOULD be easier, but we don't let it happen.  We sit for hours, then go home and sit some more.  Your kids, and grandkids, would love for you to play with them!  When in doubt, get out!




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