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"free will brother, free will"

Posted by Chad on July 3, 2010 at 6:00 AM

Free will.  How much do you have?  Do you have enough to get through the day?  Do you have enough to get the kids awake, off to school, go to work, deal with stress of the job, pick the kids up, go to baseball practice, cook dinner, do homework, then give yourself a good workout?  Not many do.  Each time you have to make a decision, that's one less drop of free will you have in your arsenal.  This is where Dan John says we have our "can of free will", and we eventually run out.

We just don't have enough to go around, and being good parents and spouses, they come first.  Sound familiar?

Months ago I wrote about a person I spoke with who was in prison.

What did they do to amuse themselves?  Workout.  They had enough free will they could have bottled it up and sold it...why?  They had no choices.  Nothing else to do, so their "can of free will" was full!


What can you do to put some more free will back in your life?  Sell a kid?  Move to Belgium and become a monk?  Maybe you don't have to go that far.  Maybe it's as little as finding 15 minutes to so some push ups, squats, and back extensions.  Or 4 minutes on a bike to do some interval training.  Or 10 minutes to work on your joint mobility.  While you wait on the kids to get ready for school.  While you are waiting on them at baseball practice.  While your spouse is making dinner.  Every little bit helps, and the three variations of workout I just mentioned HELPS--physically and mentally!

Stock up on some free will, brother.  Get yourself back in the game!


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