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enough already...let's talk about the brain!

Posted by Chad on May 24, 2010 at 5:42 PM

"A robust literature documents that experience and behavior activate brain plasticity mechanisms and remodel neuronal circuitry in the brain. Exercise and behavioral enrichment paradigms, such as environmental enrichment [64], rehabilitation training [65,66] and learning [67,68] , affect common endpoints in the brain, including regulation of growth factors, neurogenesis and structural changes. The similarities between the effects of exercise and these well-established paradigms support the hypothesis that there are common mechanisms regulating behavioral plasticity."   


What this means is that the brain is pliable, the cells are remade, and what they are remade of are dependant on exercise!  Or playtime!  Or learning motor skills! Or, or, or, or...Plainly, movement helps the brain grow stronger, more resilient, and makes it learn!!


If it hasn't been proven enough, it will be.  This is a relatively new arena of science, in that not until about 2000 or so were folks spouting about how human movement "exercises" the brain.  In ways people thought it did, and were touting with how one "feels," which to me is fine (I would rather hear about anecdotal evidence based on experience rather than in a lab anyway), but now the labwork is on it's way to the mainstream.  Be ready!!


Depression, anxiety, stress.  All society problems, can be handled with movement.  What a concept.


Now, go move some brain cells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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