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another road trip!

Posted by Chad on September 26, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Last year I rode the Cycle North Carolina with a few things in mind since I had ridden last in 2006.  No carbs...or very little!  I did allow myself a beer or two after the day's ride, and one homemade cookie my lovely wife  made for me.  Yes, there was honey, not sugar, and lots of nuts and very little grain products.  Delicious to say the least!

(I just wish my wifey could join me!!)

This year, more of the same.  I am sure I will run into some of the same people--overweight and unhealthily eating and swilling carbs--that I did last year.  However, I am looking forward to being stronger on the bike.  This year I have ridden more, and performed better on several rides including the 3 Mountain Madness, which was fun but tough!

I really like this event each year.  I get to ride, and camp in a tent, all in the same trip for an extended amount of time (at least 4 nights or more) which puts me back into my circadian rhythyms, gives me a tribe to hang out with, and gives me ability to put forth a good effort before I indulge in whatever I choose to after the ride--mostly ancestrally!

If you ever get a chance to do something like this, for charity or not, do so.  You meet lots of interesting folks who have some kind of goal in mind.  Declare a goal and achieve it.  Put your mind to it, and


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