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Hi gang...glad to be back!

Posted by Chad on June 5, 2012 at 3:05 PM

After my last trip to Ireland, I posted about some of my thoughts as I will this time.

As always, I am amazed at the freshnes of the food there.  Meat doesn't smell like anything, seafood smells the way it should.  Bananas, apples, tomatoes, root vegetables and other food has this "Pazang!" to it that you just don't get here...unless you grow it yourself!!

Now, don't get me wrong, there are the same cereals and pasta and packaged food there as we have here.  So stay away from that and you're good.  I did have some bread, that was homemade, but only a couple of times.  So other than the Guinness, I think I was pretty good for my consumption!

I will say that i did have some chocolate when I was there...because it was GOOD!  The other thing about the packaged foods that is different, is that there are no DYES!  Red 40 is replaced with "beet extract" or yellow 5 by "orange extract."  So the hard candies and sweets that are sold are much better thanthe ones here (once you get away from the sugar!!)

The other aspect I have to give the Irish good credit for is that they are exercising more!!  I saw more cycling, running, walking, than I ever have.  I even saw an ad for a fitness place with a kettlebell in the ad!  Kudos for them!!  Maybe it was the end of the Celtic tiger, or it was just finally time, I don't know!  Fair play to them!

I hope they continue to be energized to move.  Even in my wife's hometown there were plenty of movers.  Their cyclng club even set me up with a bike for a few days, so I was obligated to ride in the 45 degrees...and rain!  So upon getting back to NC, and training for my upcoming ride, the 3 Mountain Madness, there would be no excuse to NOT get out and ride!  Thanks fellas!

Find something that gets you motivated.  The Irish can too!


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