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where do you hear it?

Posted by Chad on March 7, 2012 at 2:30 PM

Where else in your daily life do you hear the word "fit?"  Besides the use of the word in fitness, where?

I was driving down the road, and happen to see an obese woman chase after a 3 year old who was running away from her on a playground.  She couldn't catch up.  What I thought was how dangerous this was.  The inability to be able to watch your child, or niece, or grandchild because of her lack of ability to run faster than a 3 year old...

It hit me!  That woman was UNFIT to be watching this child.  How dangerous, and what a use of the word "fit!"  Honestly, I think it's a better use of the word.  I would rather be "fit" enough to take care of my child, than be "fit."  Whenever someone asks me "how long does it take to be fit?"  I ask, fit for what?  What is your task you want to achieve?

I hope the woman eventually asked for help, or else the kid is still running...

Self reliance.  Make sure you can!


Categories: Fitness/Tasks, Weight Loss

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