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Posted by Chad on March 21, 2012 at 5:05 PM

These are a few things Paul Chek has to say about nutrition and health.  I tend to agree.  In all my years of teaching about nutrition to my clients and the public, these ideas hold true for lifelong health.

  • Stop reading books on diet and nutrition.
  • Listen to your never lies.  (if your skin, weight, fatigue, sleep patterns, etc are wrong, so is your diet)
  • Record everything for a week- 10 days...look for patterns and make adjustments.
  • Simplify your life...cut out any unnecessary activity or food (i ate beets, or beef, and didn't poop for 2 days, i get tired 3 hours after drinking coffee all the time)  identify the offending cource of the problem.
  • It's all an experiment...what works best for you?

I've almost NEVER had a specific diet that worked for everyone.  We are all unique in what we digest well, and what we don't.  Remember, any study you read about, did they study YOU???   N=1.  You are the experiment in and of yourself.

Take these ideas above, and begin to understand YOU.  Make it happen...


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