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fitness trainer?

Posted by Chad on October 26, 2010 at 8:59 AM Comments comments (0)

You gotta walk the walk folks:


Trainers who smoke, eat tons of processed foods, drink soft drinks every day...why bother?  What are you doing telling people how to lead a healthier life WHEN YOU CAN'T!

Ok, so you are struggling like everyone else.  Maybe you can relate to them.  But how do you tell them to succeed at something when you haven't?  Do you think I should tell people how to be a bodybuilder when I haven't?  Do you think I should tell people how to be a computer programmer, when I haven't?

Lead others with your heart, lead yourself with your head.  Think about yourself when it comes to what life you lead.  If that doesn't work, think of your family.  If that doesn't work, think of WHOM you are SUPPOSEDLY trying to help.  Start now, or else no one will take you seriously.



Fitness Connect through IDEA

Posted by Chad on October 18, 2010 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

IDEA has created a new connection for the community to get to a Fitness Professional.  The link  to my homepage is


Feel free to pass it along to anyone who may be interested.  Or if you aren't in my area, this could be a great way to find a professional in your area.  Now, does that mean they are a good fit for YOU?  Maybe not, but it's a great place to start.



Back from Ireland

Posted by Chad on October 14, 2010 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Perspective.  That is one reason we go away on holiday, or vacation.  We want to see what our life is like through another lens.  Fortunately, I fell in love with a lovely lass from Erin, who has taken me places I only dreamed of going.


Newgrange.  Over 5000 years old.  Older than the pryamids and Machu Pichu.  What a place of peace.  A passage tomb unlike any other, that feels so inviting it must have been mystical to ancients.  How did they build it?  What made them?  Was it to worship the sun?  Worship the shortest day of the year?  Was it built to let them know when to start looking to plant their harvest?  No one really knows.  But it does give you perspective on how just intelligent they were.


Giant's Causeway.  Now, whether you believe the Irish tale about Irish giant Finn McCool building it to allow the Scottish giant Brendandonner to come over for a giant fight, or you just think it was an earthly made place.  Doesn't matter.  It is awe inspiring and certainly a place to see.  Just not when there is a downpour!!  Ok, well, maybe when there is!  Either way, it was worth the drive.  Since you are there, you have to see the rope bridge too...and walk across it!  Talk about a rush of adrenaline to walk across a suspended rope bridge 100 feet in the air!  Where it takes you is to an island where the views are breathtaking!


My father in law's guided tours of not-easy-to-get-to land.  From Laugh Nachreah, to Lough Finn, to the hills of Donegal.  Places of sometimes mystical feeling.  Sometimes you wonder who is watching you, when you know you are the only person there.  It is difficult to describe, but places where you know others have come before you, not necessarily just to look over the hills and mountains to look at the view of the ocean, but have come here to make a living, a home, or survive.


My in-laws run a B&B, which affords them the opportunity to meet many people.  Two groups who they meet regularly are hunters and horsebacks.  During the year, they get hunters looking for deer, and horsebacks taking a journey from one part of Donegal to the other toward Sligo.  Two groups of people doing things the way they were done for hundreds and thousands of years.  Perspective to the world of going to the store for your motorized vehicle.  Taking the horse into the country to hunt.  Now that's the way of the elders.


Places of such beauty and history beckon for more exploration...not of the literal way, but the metaphysical.  Who came before you and why?  Of course, to put it into today's terms of "exercise, " getting there is a hike, and a climb.  "Eating" is eating real food from the farm.  So healthy, you ask?  Yes.  That's not what this is about.  Our ancients didn't worry about being healthy.  They worried about surival.


Just getting there is an experience to have.  But once you are there.  Bask.



uploaded photos!

Posted by Chad on October 14, 2010 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I've just uploaded some more mobility photos and some food for thought!  (LOL)


random thoughts

Posted by Chad on September 3, 2010 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

So a client of mine goes to Peru to visit Machu Pichu.  Awesome and mystical experience he says.  Also says that the food portions were much smaller than here in the States.  I have to say, there is a contingent of folks who say calories (a word I dispise using, due to it's inaccurate use, but I use it as it's the accepted norm) aren't too be measured.  Eat till you feel full.   I understand that theory, especially if the person is eating almost no carbs.  However, if carbs are in the picture, the practice of cutting down on portions is a MUST, as we in this country don't know what a portion size is anymore.  We HAVE to look at portion size as a key to losing weight.



I see it everyday.  People come into the gym and do the same things.  For a year now I have seen this.  They don't increase weight, don't increase intensity, don't DROP weight for more reps...nothing.  No change.  And guess what, they haven't seen a change in themselves either.  Go figure.  Now, I am not talking about 65+ year olds just holding on to what they have.  Those folks, I applaud.  Keep it coming.  Do what you do to stay mobile, as long as it's not hurting anything, keep it up!



Speaking of the gym.  I see too many vanity exercises, and not enough lifting weights.  No, I mean really moving some weight.  Like you would out on the farm, or plot of land to survive--gotta chop wood sometimes for fire, right?  Gotta move a rock or two to dam up the stream for some water, right?  I don't think "isolation" exercises are gonna help me do that.



Also at the gym.  If you leave your weights lying around, you are an inconsiderate ass.



I will speak more on this one in the future, but the breakout principle.  It is the way you change your entrenched thought patterns, which most of us desperately need.  We can change our negative patterns.  We can improve our creativity, improve our outlook on life, improve ourselves...which in turn improves those around us.




We got a great break from the summer heat wave this past week.  Hopefully, some of you took advantage, and got outside.  It's been a heck of a summer...almost too hot to get outside and play most days.  The weather will turn soon, and we can get back outside.  This past week showed us how we should not take for granted the mild weather we get once in a while in the summer.  It can be brutal otherwise.  Get outside when you can, as your life depends on it...vitamin D, mobility, etc.   What if we didn't have A/C?  What would we do then?




I am positive that the number of people who watched the Emmy's last week greatly outnumber those who know that if the so-called "Bush tax cuts" are let to expire, that your child's ESA will expire too!  Why?  Right now you can put as much as $5000 per year into the account, tax free.  When the tax cuts expire, this changes to $500 per year.  Doing the math, for 17 years, at $500 per year, that's $8500.  Hmm....I don't think, even at a 10% growth, that's going to be enough to send my kid to college for 4 years.



Speaking of kids.  I love it when mine comes to visit me at work.  Hopefully, he will grow up knowing that "working out" is not supposed to be a chore, something you just "have" to do, and heaven forbid it might be fun, at least most of the time.  Right now, he loves to hang from the pull up bar, run around, climb the incline bench, pick up the dumbbells, throw the balls around, roll around on the floor.  Sound like a good workout to you?  Does to me too...

circadian rhythms...turn off the light!

Posted by Chad on August 9, 2010 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Mr. Pottenger brought up an interesting subject about circadian rhythms.  Just this morning I had a discussion with a young man about staying up until 2am or 3 am, and how doing that for years will throw your body into a tailspin!






The book Lights Out

takes a good look at how things have changed over the last 100 years with the widespread use of the light bulb.  Do we need sugar to help our body create melotonin which helps us fall asleep?  Maybe that is why we "crave" that last bowl of ice cream or glass of wine before we hit the bed.  Maybe we need that last bit of sugar because we don't go to sleep soon enough at night, when it gets our ancestors did.



Our rhythms are off.  And they will NOT catch up anytime soon.




Turn off the tele, the lights, and light a candle and get some sleep.


drug companies and FDA....your interest or theirs?

Posted by Chad on July 26, 2010 at 9:01 AM Comments comments (0)

So, how many of you still believe that we should blindly trust what the FDA or drug companies tell us?  Being skeptical is healthy, and may even save your life.  Don't just do what your doc says because he or she says so.  Ask questions.  Especially if their first solution is to write you a prescription.  Why?  Read this excpert below:



"It is likely that Avandia will get withdrawn from the market.  I say that not because of the results of the advisory committee rather because in another related article we learn that two weeks ago GSK. "agreed to settle about 10,000 suits for an average of at least $46,000 apiece."  So it would appear that GSK wishes to settle all the lawsuits as cheaply as possible before the drug is withdrawn.  When one is dealing with widely prescribed billion dollar revenue drugs it is not the FDA which is safeguarding the public, it is litigation.  It appears that GSK has made the assessment that their revenue stream is at greater risk from potential litigation than it is from withdrawing the drug. 

While FDA scientists, at great personal risk often point out drug related dangers, from its repeated behavior FDA management appears to believe its function is to run interference for large drug companies to preserve their revenue streams as long as possible.  And on that note, of course the FDA has not yet acted on the recommendations of the advisory panel.  In the meantime,are more heart attacks being caused by the unnecessary, me-too drug Avandia?"



The gentleman who wrote this used to work for the FDA.  Clearly he had a problem with some of their policies, and moved onto bigger and better things.  Dr. Maher over at:




Hmmm.  Drug companies at it again, with the FDA helping them out!!!  Is there a conspiracy?  The FDA lets food companies put chemicals in our food.  What do the chemicals do in our body--we don't really know.  Then the FDA approves drugs to help prevent or cure what the FDA let happen in the first place.

Read everything about the drugs you are taking.  Please.


tell me it ain't so, joe...

Posted by Chad on July 15, 2010 at 2:29 PM Comments comments (92)

Those of you in NC might be familiar with Endurance Magazine.  It used to provide some good information for those looking to improve their endurance.  Over the years, it's become more of an ad piece for the publisher to sell enough things to cover the expenses of the mag.  I guess he doesn't make money on this, I don't know.  Anyway, what they are selling is what bugs me...



Terry Fox was a 21 year old Canadian whose battle with cancer was intermittent with running daily marathons and speaking engagements to raise money for cancer research.  Over the course of 143 days, he ran a marathon a day, accumulating over 3300 miles, and $10 million for research, all one one 'good' leg, and an artificial one made of fiberglass and steel.

HIs motto was "anything is possible, if you try."

Unfortunately, he passed back in 1981, having to quit running due to the cancer spreading to his lungs.


Two pages before this article on the late, inspiring Mr. Fox, there is an ad for...THOSE STUPID "SHAPE UP" SHOES!!!!!

How do you have an ad for something as useless as this, selling "fitness" and being in shape (whatever that is)  when a man is running constantly to raise awareness and money?   Someone has to explain this to does a magazine have an ad for this, while having such good articles that help inspire others to do things they never thought possible?




After deciding to try to run across Canada to raise money, he said, "somewhere the hurting must stop and I am willing to take myself to the limit for this cause."


Damn right.


Now, I'm off to go get in shape by wearing those shape up shoes.

just my random thoughts

Posted by Chad on June 14, 2010 at 5:02 PM Comments comments (0)

In Europe, the governments there seem to approach nutrition with a more natural way in mind.  They don't allow the same companies that make OUR foods (General Mills, Kraft, etc.) to put food colorings in the food they ship over there.  Why?  Why does our govt. let them put things in our food, that other countries say "no way!"



If we had universal healthcare, where the govt. was paying for it, would they be more convinced of the need to 'oversee' food companies and what they were putting in our food?



What if people were allowed to run like Phoebe did in the one episode of "Friends" where she was running sort of 'floopy armed' and looking rather goofy.  Would people have more fun exercising?



Speaking of which, the "cardio" myth continues.  We are not rats on wheels.  Every time we run, we illicit the stress response meaning we are being chased, or running for food...meaning to survive.  UNLESS, we are having F-U-N!  When we are having fun, we shut off those hormones of survival, and we let go...we are free to move.  Interesting, huh?



Just finished a book called "Crazy for the Storm" about a man's recount of surviving a plane crash when he was eleven.  He survived because his father made him do things growing up that not many other parents would have back then, shoot, not to mention especially now!  Doing hard physical things, in the mode of sports, drove him to be a tough kid, but still polite and respectful to others.  I strive to raise my son this way.



Do you have a goal for every week?  A goal for each day?  I forget sometimes to make myself do this.  I think we just need to, to keep ourselves focused on the big picture, Whatever yours might be. we go again

Posted by Chad on May 20, 2010 at 3:13 PM Comments comments (0)

I am sorry to be posting again on something some would consider political.  When the FDA is involved however, it seems sometimes that posts like this are necessary.


I'll make a long story short.  In Mexico lives an antivenom, Alacramyn, produced by Bioclon Inc. a Mexican company that is a world leader in the production of antivenoms and has a long track record of quality control and safety in this field.  It is used for years on victims of scorpion bites.  A Dr. Boyer has been trying for years, yep, YEARS to get this antivenom cleared by the FDA for production and distribution in America wtih no success.

The glorious FDA has told her that they have to do two clinical trials, and then some other hoops, blah, blah, blah.  Had they done this with Vioxx among others, maybe they would have known that future problems would arise!  Now seeing the error in thier ways, the governor of Arizona is trying to get her state's residents (who have some serious problems with Scorpion bites) a way to get the antivenom in a roundabout way.  YOU GO LADY!!  Gee, a leader trying to help the people trying to solve a glaring problem, that will SAVE LIVES! 

"The FDA can always be counted on to safeguard the health of large pharmaceutical companies while not caring a whit about the health of the nation even in glaringly obvious cases. In this instance, the division of biologics at FDA, in its inimitable wisdom, chose to require the nth degree review of Alcramyn in scorpion envenomation. They did not accept the previous data that allowed Alacramyn to market in Mexico nor the extened clincal track record since as a sufficient basis for approval of an Orphan drug to replace a less safe "home-brew" antivenom that had long been in clinical use already in Arizona. No they required two new clinical trials and demanded that one of these, in a stipulation that I consider to be borderline if not outright unethical, be a randomized PLACEBO controlled trial. There had never previously been a placebo controlled trial of an antivenom, usually because the physician was too concerned over whether or not the patient would live without antivenom treatment."

Says the blogger at


Enough said.