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a reprieve, or allowance if you will

Posted by Chad on December 13, 2011 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

So, the sweet tooth.  It does really exist.  Not long ago, in our evolutionary model, we as humans had a sweet tooth when fruit was in season.  What's more, we ate more of it toward the end of its growing season.  The reason being to "fatten" up for the winter.


Unfortunately, some thingshave changed.  One, our sweet tooth is quenched by eating candy, pies, cakes, and other sugar filled cane-filled goodie.  Two, the timing has shifted.  Now, is it because of the commercialism of Christmas, or something else such as the worldwide shipping of food, I don't know.  However, it remains that the sweet tooth fix isn't quenched at the end of the growing season, but rather at the beginning of winter!!  Talk about throwing off circadian rythyms!!

Well, here is my allowance to you, and if you've been very good, you'll like it!


  • If you have been great this past year with your ancestral nutrition habits, give yourself 5 pounds you can gain over the next 4 weeks!
  • If you have been about 70% accurate, give yourself an allowance of 3 pounds.
  • If you have not been very accurate at all, give yourself ONE pound to gain.


There!  Go have your sugar and carb fix!!  Remember, it's like crack cocaine, so once you have it, it will be hell trying to knock the habit out come January.  Remember this grading system come next December.  If you are good throughout the year, give yourself some leeway...your ancestors did!!



numbers to think about

Posted by Chad on November 28, 2011 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (1)

It is post Thanksgiving week.  Is the feast of excess calorie (energy) input behind us?  Not by a long shot!  Since weight management and exercise go hand in hand, I thought I'd give you two numbers to think about.


1.  225,000.  That number, is the number of crunches one would have to do to lose ONE pound of fat!  Are crunches the best bang for your buck exercise you can do to lose weight, or get closer to the proverbial "6 pack"??  Uh, no.  If you want to know how to lose weight, ask me to send you a recent article I put together for my clients.


2.  Thirty-five.  That number, is the number of pounds of MUSCLE lost between the ages of 30 and 60.  Now THAT is staggering.  You want to know the exercises to do to keep your muscle, in turn burning excess calories (energy)??  Ask me to send you the recent article I put together for my clients!

Strength training, in the end, is more important than "cardio."  I am not saying that steady state exercise is not good for you, it can be.  Just know that to keep you furnace burning efficiently, you gotta strength train, no question about it.  The idea that the two, cardio and strength, should be separate is also a myth.  Ask me why!!  Please!!


Now, cut out the sugar, the excess helpings, and lift a weight or two.


we are sorry! very sorry...

Posted by Chad on November 11, 2011 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I hate it for Penn State grads and fans.  What is going on there could have happened at any university, almost.


Where a reputation and a football program took precidence over the wellness of young children.  I do believe it could happen anywhere.  This really makes us rethink who our heroes are, doesn't it?  Shouldn't it?  Having grown up a Dean Smith fan, I can't imagine if this would have happened here in my neck of the woods.  However, if stories are right, it kind of did.  Didn't he sort of swept under the rug a DUI from an assistant coach a long time ago?  Maybe.


Either way, who are your heroes?  Think twice about who you let your kids look up to.  If you don't KNOW them, it's hard to know them, as we are being reminded by this Penn State situation.

One of my heroes...Grandpaw.

Shelley Lefler, 82, died Wednesday at his home after six months of declining health and three days of serious illness.

Born Oct. 6, 1919  During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army for five years. He was first sergeant in the 534th Company Amphibian Engineers. He received numerous awards including: Good Conduct, Victory, Asiatic Pacific Campaign and American Defense Service medals; two Bronze Stars; and a Philippine Liberation Ribbon with a Bronze Star. He participated in battles and campaigns in New Guinea, Morotai Island and Luzen, Philippines.

Retired from REA Express, he was a member of the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks.

A member and deacon of Faith Baptist Church, he was president of the brotherhood, an R.A. leader and Sunday school teacher, and sang in the choir.

He was a charter member of Harold B. Jarrett American Legion Post 342 and a former member of Faith Civitan Club.

what a long strange trip it's been...

Posted by Chad on October 11, 2011 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)

You know, last week was a week where I was looking forward to checking my task-fitness level.  Could I ride 70 miles a day and feel good at the end.  Could I feel good at the end of day 3, 5, etc.?  I answered that question with a resounding YES!

I also was wondering how I would feel with the change in my eating patterns over the last few years.  I havne't done this ride in 6 years, since then I have cut out most wheat and sugar.  For you endurance athletes, you know what this carbo loading!  It meant no powerade or gatorade, pasta, rice, bread, etc.  You might ask, how does one do that on an endurance trip?  Well, it wasn't easy, as I had to take my own snacks on the road.  I lived on apples and peanut butter, with an ocassional homemade cookie, with some elecrtolyte drink from Hammer Nutrition.  'Twas all I needed during the day, then a great dinner of fish, meat, and veggies at night.

What I noticed on the ride:

1.  Too many overwight cyclists.  Watching this just goes to show that calories in vs. calories out is not the be all and end all of weight loss.  One would think that if you trained for this event, and RODE in this event, you would lose weight.  Didn't happen for about half of these riders.

2.  Why?  Because they would swill sugary drinks and crackers and bananas and oreos and whatever they could get their hands on.  I didn't see ALL of their dinners at night, but I can venture to say they carbo "loaded" most nights when ther were already as loaded as they needed to be.

3.  So, even though there were some overweight cyclists, I was amazed at what they could do!  I could only imagine how they would do if they were 30 pounds lighter.

4.  Same goes for the older cyclists.  I was amazed at the 70+ year olds who could ride through, and like the wind!  It was fun watching them!

5.  Speaking of fun watching, and inspirational.  There was a blind woman riding, and a paraplegic.  If you don't think you can get out and find time to exercise and move, remember that I would watch these folks ride every day and manage their challenges which were more than just your usual "I just don't have time.........."  KUDOS to them!!!

Being off the grid for a week was fun.  I got back to my circadian rhythms where you go to bed at dark, and woke with the sun.  You worked for your food, and I, among others, had a blast!!  I look forward to the next time I can take a week off and do this ride.  Maybe others can join me next time.  (Well, not that 1000 of us weren't enough!!)

Get out.  Pick something to do, and do it.  For fun.


new offerings in the works

Posted by Chad on September 15, 2011 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

In the next few weeks, I will be putting some new services together for a full comliment of services I will be providing!


Stay the meantime...keep playing!!!!!!!!

apps that work

Posted by Chad on August 26, 2011 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (0)

A few of my clients are app users.  Here is an app or two that I like and reasons why!


My Fitness Pal.   My clients like it for a number of reasons.  First, it helps them keep track of what they are comsuming.  I know that there are folks out there who feel like you don't need to do this, if you eat Paleolithic.  I disagree.  Folks need to understand how much food they are consuming.  We are a country of "too much" so some need to remember how much a portion of (you name it) really is.


This app also allows you to keep track of your expenditure of energy via movement (exercise).  By tracking what they do, some folks like to see what they have accomplished.  Tracking consumption, with expenditure, helps them see what could happen over the long haul...especially if the hormones are out of whack!  Add in the fact that I get to see what they are doing holds them accountable--to me first, then they hold themselves accountable later.


Lose it!   This one is just like the one above.  Though this one we've been able to find a way for clients to send me in a file their food consumption!  How great it is that it's free too!!



Fooducate!      I just found this one, and have not used it a lot yet. It looks promising though.  I like the idea of being able to scan an item and see what healthier choices exist.  The healthiest choice probably doesn't have a barcode on the label, however, for some people eating fresh foods are a luxury or so beyond overwhelming they don't know what to do when they see them...sad, yes, but true.


Baby steps.  With this app, one can pick up a box of whatever crap it is, and this app throws out maybe 5 different healthier options.  Sounds good to me.  I will post more on this later after I use it more.


Mapmyride!     This one is great for recording a workout for your run, walk, or hike.  You can use it to help with your food consumption as well, but I don't use it for that.  Share your workout run or ride with the public or just with friends.  Seems to be ok so far.  I've used it as sort of a GPS for my rides, and it works just fine!


I know, it's tough to use new technology when all I keep saying is keep it "ancestral" right?  Well, these can help you be both healthier and ancestral at the same time!  Find a route, DO IT, and show me your food consumption as well!



think tank at work...

Posted by Chad on August 10, 2011 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

If you have followed me over the years, this link will bring you nothing you haven't heard.  What it does show you is that the movement is real...just like the food we are supposed to eat!


I highly regret missing this event in SCal this past weekend.  Lots of pioneers of the movement were there.  Though, some of the REAL pioneers are no longer with us.  Some folks from the early 1900's, 50's and 70's who told the powers that be that they were wrong--they were the ones we should have listened to before.


Well, now we have another chance!!  Second chances rarely happen on this magnitude.  I hope we all listen now.  Or else we will rely on nothing but fabricated goods, including food, to keep us alive.  I don't want that!


In case someone is not listening...this is NOT the eat nothing but meat diet.  This is eat real food.  Period.  Fat is good for you, as is protein, as are limited carbs (debates will go on forever on this one.)


Eat some real food!!  Oh, and move like nature intended us too!  Have fun while you are at it!

to Person Fitness Trainers everywhere

Posted by Chad on August 5, 2011 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

First rule:  Do no harm.


Second rule:  Before you give someone an exercise, know the physics driving it.



Third rule:  If you are spending an hour on "one body part," and it's not for therapuetic reasons, you are more than likely cheating the client of their money and time.  If there is therapy for muscle fire for that body part, maybe...look into TMR, ART, PRRT for those avenues.  The body is like a sailboat, with everything connected.  The "core" is THE ENITRE BODY.


Fourth rule:  Keep learning.  If you don't, you become stale, as will your clients.


Fifth rule:  Pick things up off the floor, put them over your head, squat and carry.  Those comprise the premise to most  workouts.  Everything else is window dressing.


These are just some basics I keep in mind as I have my clients workout and play.  There are others I will talk about later.


Be safe in this heat.  Train if you must, but be sensible.



the evolution of how we eat...

Posted by Chad on July 19, 2011 at 4:01 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok.  it's HOT here in NC, and everywhere else in the US right now.  Let's take a minute and think about how that affects our eating habits.


I will first start with a personal story about my grandparents.  My father's parents, didn't have air conditioning in the house.  My memories of going to see them in the summers were of sitting outside, under a shade tree or carport shelter or both.  Sometimes stringing beans, peeling potatoes, shucking corn, or doing something in the heat, albeit slowly!


Knowing that meals, of any kind, would be served in such sweltering conditions, do you think we over ate?  Hell no!  We ate just enough to call it a meal, and then it was cold dishes of some kind.  Fruit, fruit salads, lukewarm veggies, and maybe a meat that had been allowed to cool down.  This went on until I was a bit older.  Then came the AC window unit.


We would stay inside a little bit more.  As the unit was in the living room, it cooled down part of the house so staying inside to eat wasn't such a cookfest; yes a pun.  I don't remember how many units they eventually had in the house before...THEN came central air conditioning!!  What did we do?  We stayed inside, out of the heat!!   What did we eat?  EVERYTHING!  And a lot of it.


So does A/C and the light bulb have something to do with our eating patterns over the last 100 years?  You betcha!  Think about your own experiences growing up, or think about turning the A/C off for a day or two when it's in the high 80's, and see what you feel like eating.  I bet it would change?  Do you?  Give it a try...though maybe not this week!!




empty soda cups...

Posted by Chad on July 8, 2011 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (10)

...and cigarette butts.


What trips my trigger?  Walking around the parking lots and outdoor parks in the area.  Nothing but butts.  Whatever happened to taking your trash with you, and yes cig butts are trash.  I hat seeing someone throw their cig butt out the car window.  Where do they think it's going?  To "fairy land?"  Hate it.


Another thing...cups from fast food chains in the trash bin at the gym.  Hmmm, one can say there will always be an issue with health when you see these at the GYM!  What did that person think before they came in..."I think I will hydrate with a refreshing soda, or maybe since I am going to the gym, a diet soda...yep, that's just what I need."

Are you serious?

The falacies of health are astounding, and the last place we need to look is a food guide pyramid or suggesstions from a government that has their hands in the "cookie jar" of so many companies that make a buck if they say "eat this."


n=1.  Keep a food journal for a month or two, and see how you FEEL when you eat what you eat.  Control your caloric intake.  EAT REAL FOOD!!


Tell the truth to others.  Spread the word of how eating real food will start you down the road to better health!!  GO!