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"what if"

Posted by Chad on March 2, 2011 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Who here really thinks about their workout before they go into the gym?  Anyone?  Some of you?

The reason for my asking of the question--what is the goal of your workout today?  Further, what is the goal of you working out?  Period.  I don't think enough of us keep to the forefront what the real meaning of workouts are.  You ready for it?  I'll tell ya...

I call it the "what if" scenario. 

  • What if you had to have a surgery that kept you inactive for 8 weeks--how soon could your body bounce back?
  • What if you were in a car accident with multiple breaks, traumas--could you be the same person you were before?
  • What if you were diagnosed with a disease that ravaged your body--could you, after hospital or doctor's care, still take care of your children or grandchildren?

(The turf bog above.  How long would it take for you to heal from an injury to take care of your family?)

That's what I call the what if scenario.  Notice, I didn't even go into what if you were attacked, or your home destroyed.  No, I stuck with the more likely events that may cause us to be inactive.

The same answer to those what if questions is that the more endurance and strength you have (both mental and physical), the better you and your body can bounce back.  So the next time you go to your workout place, ask yourself "why am I doing these exercises?"  If they involve simple vanity, look for different exercises to do, because it's my bet they will not allow you to bounce back in the what if scenario.

(Notice the tribe in the picture, seeing this flying machine they'd never seen before trying to use their bows to shoot it down. Can you take care of yourself?)

I want my clients, family, friends, and readers to be able to take care of themselves.  Can you?  If not, get started!!  The above link will tell you how!


play time in your wellies!

Posted by Chad on February 1, 2011 at 8:33 AM Comments comments (2)

Want to see something interesting?  Watch my 2 1/2 year old squat, do push ups, hang from a bar, run...with a bike helmet on.  Oh and wellies too!  Why you ask?  Because he can, and the inhibitions we have as we get older, haven't deterred him yet.  You know what else hasn't hit him?  The fact that working out is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, right?


Isn't that what you think MOST of the time..."ah, hell, got to go to the gym again."  You say it with disdain and a sense of dispair and "not again."  Why?  When did your workout become so unbearable?  If it is, you probably aren't doing the right stuff.  Don't get me wrong, there are days when I don't have the energy or "want" to workout.  That's when I don't.  I either play, or do some light mobility work, or go through the motions.  Not every day has to be intense and "the best workout I ever had."


What about those days when I need to find inspiration?  I look at my wife and/or son.  I look at them and know two things:  One--if my wife could exercise, she would.  Two--my son HAS FUN when he runs around, lies on the floor, and says "dada, I doing my exercise!!"


(no this is not my son :-)  however he looks close to how my son did the other day)


Where is your inspiration coming from?  If you need some ideas, contact me.

Don't know what to do when you get to the gym?  Contact me.

Bored with your "routine?"  Contact me.

Are you going to whine and complain about every exercise?  Bring it.  I can take me.


It's playtime.  Put your bike helmet on, along with some rubber boots, and have some fun!



the squat and other essentials

Posted by Chad on January 27, 2011 at 3:01 PM Comments comments (3)



Brought to you by Andy Deas.  His idea is this, just because you hear a "trainer to the stars" say it's true, doesn't mean it is true for you, or with whom you are training.  Just because a trainer says you should do it this way, doesn't mean you can't do it another way.  There are man ways to skin the cat, right?  That is why there are many modalitites.  What works best for you?  If you don't know, start tinkering.


How many of you have ever wondered if what you read in Muscle and Fiction Mag, or from Shape Mag 1984 December issue was correct?  The answer is simple...yes and no.  Could be or could not be.  What is the general rule regarding YOUR situation when it comes to YOUR fitness and health?  N=1.  Period.


What worked for Hulk Hogan probably won't work for you.  OK, well, maybe the drugs will.  Bad example.  What about Cal Ripken, or Angelina Jolie, or Wilt Chamberlain, or Kelly Slater, or...  First you have to figure out what you want to be.  Then go be it.  How?  By training like the person you want to look like.



Want to look like a slob...train like one.  Want to look like a surfer, go surf.  Want to look like a gymnast, go be one.  Of course, I am not saying to forego the running, biking, resistance training, yoga, etc. that you may find appealing or fun.  I am just saying that if you want to look like X, go train like X.


Above all, don't hurt yourself, and have fun!




fat as fuel...

Posted by Chad on January 6, 2011 at 6:39 AM Comments comments (0)


"The overall point being that a rider can potentially utilise fat as a fuel up to a relatively high steady-state intensity if well adapted, and then when higher intensity anaerobic states occur, not all of the glucose/glycogen that is used up is lost out of the system - some of it is retained. For those who aren't fat-adapted, lacking in strength and therefore power, just coming up to a high aerobic speed, let alone launching into a sprint, will see the rider putting a high drain on glycogen stores, losing the vast majority out of the system, as energy, carbon dioxide, and water (rather than being able to reclaim it from lactate). "


Fat has 9 calories per gram, whereas carbos have 4 calories per gram.  Which provides the biggest bang for the buck, so to speak?  You're right...fat!  So why wouldn't it be more efficient for our bodies to use fat as fuel rather than carbos?


Something worth pondering, as I think we don't eat enough fat in our diets now.  We are missing out on lots of things our bodies need to work efficiently by not eating fat.  Slowly, we are starting to understand this...


Grab some grassfed beef, or wild caught salmon, or some organic buffalo jerky, and eat it all!



play time!!

Posted by Chad on November 30, 2010 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

So each generation thinks that theirs was the 'golden age' of play when they were kids.  Are we headed down a bleek path?  If my generation thought that running and jumping and climbing was fun, and every generation before mine thought that as well, where are we headed?  I agree with this article that every generation has it's excuses for not going outside to play, but the technology from here on out is going to promote the decrease in activity, moreso than in any generation before.



The virtual world is slowly starting to outpace the activity in the real world.  We are losing our mobility, losing our connection to the Earth, and losing our minds at an ever earlier age.  You can't tell me that ths disconnect doesn't increase from one generation to the next.  It's happenning. before your kids don't want to anymore!



losing touch with outside?

Posted by Chad on November 20, 2010 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I think so.

Here is a school system that thinks so too!



How many of our kids today know what it takes to hike in the woods, and not get lost, or at the very least, not grab a poisonous plant or snake?


How many of our kids know what the directions are--north, south, east, and west--instead of just turn left or right or down by the old man's house?


How many of our kids have lost touch with going outside with a flashlight and looking at nature in the dark?  The sky at night?


How many of you do your workouts inside ALL THE TIME?


Get your kids, and you, outside!!




Be mindful. What is your body doing?

Posted by Chad on November 11, 2010 at 4:09 AM Comments comments (0)

Be mindful about your conditioning:

  •  Does the music suck where you go workout?  What music do you listen to when working out?  I know, how about none?  That way you can concentrate on what you (your body) are doing?
  • What if you leave your water bottle at home...gosh darn it!  WIll your workout suffer?  NO WAY!  Pretend you are having to lift rocks off your mate, and oh well, there is no water...what are you going to do?
  • Oh no!  Someone is on the olympic deadlift machine (there isn't one).  Is it going to mess up your workout rhythm and planning?  NO!   Pick something else, something similar you were going to do, and go for it!
  • Someone just took the parking spot right in front of the gym door.  What are you going to do now?  How about parking a little further away, walk to the gym, then get on the treadmill and walk some more. OR, park a little futher away, walk into the gym, and do 100 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing.


See, in the end, there are numerous ways/combinations/regimens to lift weights, hop onto a cardio machine, stretch, work on mobility, and so on.  So what do you do?  Well here is a start:


The main thing is to do something.  Our brains are wired to be moving creatures, not lazy sit-in-the-workchair-then-sit-on-the-couch beings.  MOVE!  Sometimes lift something heavy.  Sometimes lift something light a BUNCH of times.  Sometimes run, or bike, or swim.  Sometimes take a walk in the woods.  It's good for you believe me!




Fitness Connect through IDEA

Posted by Chad on October 18, 2010 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

IDEA has created a new connection for the community to get to a Fitness Professional.  The link  to my homepage is


Feel free to pass it along to anyone who may be interested.  Or if you aren't in my area, this could be a great way to find a professional in your area.  Now, does that mean they are a good fit for YOU?  Maybe not, but it's a great place to start.



cardio death

Posted by Chad on September 18, 2010 at 7:21 AM Comments comments (0)

A sad sight.  No one building lean muscle, getting stronger.


Lots of body changing going on here I must tell ya!  The goldfish are back, doing their loops in the cardio fishbowl...

Whereas, this is what happens when you have fun working out!!

A broken homemade mace!

We were throwing this puppy like a hammer throw at a nearby shool.  Now THAT was fun!  And a workout!  And outside!



minimal lifestyles

Posted by Chad on September 12, 2010 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

So, here is this guy named Jacob, who has looked at his life, and decided it was easier to accumulate wealth by being minimalistic.  Imagine that.  Being minimal in life, survivng, he has had success in his pursuits far greater than most in our country.


"However, gym workouts have substituted kinesthetic ability for perceived “safety” and highly expensive and specialized equipment (ring a bell?). In the gym people sit down on comfy padded surfaces and pull levers back and forth in repetitive motions. Never do they get the chance to lift a real weight from the floor to lockout position over head. This is considered too dangerous. I tell you though, repeatedly ripping 100 pounds of pig iron from the floor to a lockout position feels much more manly than sitting in a padded seat and pushing a lever while wearing spandex shorts."

Get outside folks.  Use real weight--stones, logs, concrete, etc.--not just gym weights.  Using these other implements act on your DNA for survival.  Sitting on machines do not.  Take a walk in the woods, climb something, pick up a rock or limb, and throw it.  It's fun.